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Trout on a Log

A simple and delicious way to cook trout that will make you feel like a chef and a carpenter at the same time. These beautiful whole trout make a deliciously simple and impressive-looking meal. Fresh trout doesn't need a lot of accoutrements - it's a low maintenance fish. So scrap your stove and build a fire.

Catch and clean your trout (or buy sustainably sourced trout).

Light a fire and let it burn down to a medium heat.

Lay your herbs and/or spring onions on the log and place a trout on top.

Nail your trout to the, log making sure nails are evenly distributed head to tail.

Score the body of the fish.

Place the logs vertically straight next to the fire.

To prevent the trout on a log from falling and catching on fire, place rocks to around the base of the log to stabilize and act as a fire break.

Let your trout cook for roughly one hour.

Cooking times are elastic as there are many variables that factor into each fire cooking adventure: humidity, wind, size of fire, type of wood.

You will know the trout is done when you can peel back the crispy skin to reveal tender meat about to fall off the bone.

Wander Wisely,


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