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A Taste for Adventure

Indiana Jones meets Martha Stewart

On a recent solo four-wheel drive expedition across Australia, I was determined to nourish myself without the convenience of a kitchen or the ability to Google recipes. What initially felt like restraints, provided an opportunity for creativity to flourish and unconventional fire based cooking methods to unfold. An outback adventure turned into a taste of Australia and the concept for Kitchen(less) Cooking a platform to inspire people to cook and eat in the outdoors was borne.


Kitchen(less) Cooking seeks to inspire people to dive into the world of outdoor cooking and explore the joy of cooking without devices that plug in. The kind of meals you might imagine crafted if Indiana Jones and Martha Stewart threw a dinner party. Cooking in the outdoors evokes a sense of liberation in an age where delivery is at our fingertips and there is a normalized a disconnection between food, the ecosystem, and ourselves.Outdoor cooking is a complete sensory experience – there is nothing like the crackle of wood burning, the warmth of the flames, the smoky scent, and the mesmerizing visual display. Armed with matches, a pocket knife and local ingredients, join ballerina turned award winning explorer, Sofia cooking in some of the most remote parts of the world.


Recipes are simple and straightforward often involving only a handful of ingredients. But nothing tastes as good as food cooked over the fire not to mention the magic that lights up people’s faces when they partake in an outdoor cooking experience. While these recipes were originally crafted in the outback, they can easily be replicated in your own backyard: Cook by the beach, in the forest, or on your apartment rooftop garden. Scrap your stove and build a fire! 



Glazed pineapple


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