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If Indiana Jones and Martha Stewart had a baby it would be Sophie Hollingsworth.

All about adventure and food, a passion for cooking and the outdoors has always been with her but was galvanized when she moved to Australia and bought a vintage Landcruiser. Deep in the outback, she discovered the beauty of bringing her kitchen to the outdoors. 


Soph's passion for expeditions off the beaten track have led her to undertake uncharted treks and far-flung adventures most deem too inhospitable; including everything from descending uncharted rivers in Madagascar, desert transect treks in Namibia, and to living with indigenous communities in the Republic of Vanuatu to conduct ethnographic research. Sofía is an avid sailor, has sailed across the Pacific Ocean, and holds a 200-ton captains license. At the time of certification, she was the youngest female to ever obtain a 200-ton MCA Yachtmaster Captains License.

Hollingsworth’s work has been featured by National Geographic and the United Nations. She is a Fulbright Scholar with a background in Environmental Science and Health Security from New York University, Harvard Kennedy School, and the University of Sydney.

She is a Fellow of The Explorers Club, Post-Graduate Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the first New Explorer Awardee. When not exploring Sophie consults for corporations on sustainability and lives in Sydney, Australia.  


Far too many of us experience the world through a single cultural paradigm, our own. We all face the same challenges, food, water, shelter, the desire for happiness and love. Yet given the common challenges, the range of cultural adaptation is astonishing! The world is incredibly diverse all these peoples can teach us that there are other possibilities, other ways of thinking, and other ways of interacting with the Earth.  

The Sofia Log is not about providing specific travel advice on where to travel and itineraries, but rather sharing stories of adventure, culture, nature, and style in the most remote parts of the world in order to inspire people to live more curiously. Firmly believing  the more that people get out and experience other ways of life the better the world will be. The stories are intended to spark your imagination and encourage everyone to follow their own passions and get out of your comfort zone, be that couch surfing in Philadelphia or trekking across Burkina Faso.  Exploration is out there!  


Wander Wisely, Sofía 

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