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Bathroom(less) Beauty

Sometimes even adventuresome women just want to feel clean and look good, which can be difficult to achieve when bathrooms are few and far between. So it's time to talk about beauty products. I am always on the search for skincare suitable for adventurers: the smell good even when you’re always sweating, no-fuss, keep it simple yet hydrated stuff. Here are my favorite in the field product lifesavers that I am currently using on my mission for clean happy skin...

Ditch the Ziploc's... and carry it all in a Precious Hands Cosmetic Case, each case is handmade in Guatemala with recycled fibers and plastic lining.


1. Tea Tree Toner Mist - When you need that extra boost of hydration and softness, Tea Tree Water to the rescue. It doesn't hurt that it smells so fresh, is antibacterial, and there is no animal testing involved.

2. Body Deli Sage + Grapefruit Cleanser - Think juice bar for your skin. The only downside is the glass bottle is a bit heavy for the more weight conscious expeditions.


1. EiR Deodorant - When I found out that regular deodorant prevents sweat by clogging pores with aluminum and contributes to breast cancer, I had a minor panic. After trying out a variety of organic brands I have come to love EiR.. "More to love and less to smell." It smells great, has eco friendly packing, and is made in good old NY. So much to love.

2. Epic Massive Wipe - often a wipe showers all you can manage… when that is the case use an Epic Massive Wipe. These wipes are 16x larger than the regular wipe, which means you don’t have the irritation of pulling out heaps of tiny wipes to do the job. Why on Earth didn’t someone think of this sooner? Made out of biodegradable bamboo and food grade preservatives hypothetically you could even eat one… Truly epic wipes and the eucalyptus scent doesn’t hurt, well done.

3. Water - The most underestimated beauty product of them all… It is important to replenish water not only for bodily function but for glowing alive skin. Just drink more water, period. Having a water bottle (and filter, if necessary) with you at all times makes it easier. Yeti are my favorite.

4. Joseph Carini Cotton Wrap - After a long day in leech proof(ish) pants and boots there is something divine about immersing yourself in a cotton wrap. Even if it is not possible to properly bathe I automatically feel cleaner… The most multipurpose piece of fabric around - seamlessly transitioning from sarong, headscarf, curtain in the back of a Landcruiser, towel, etc. Besides it sounds like Mr. Carini is an artistic explorer in his own right focused on exploring the use of unusual natural dyes, fibers, and authentic traditional weaving techniques.

5. Blue Lizard SPF - - Sunscreen, the most important beauty product you can buy, skin cancer sucks! Blue Lizard has been making chemical free and reef safe sunscreen before it was the cool thing to do. I have extremely sensitive skin so finding a non-breakout inducing sunscreen can be a challenge. Blue Lizard has done the trick - it hydrates and protects. Sunscreen is great, but if you are partaking in some serious outdoor activity it is no substitute for surf leggings and rash guards!

6. Lavender Oil - sprinkle in your sleeping bag. Weighing next to nothing it is the perfect soothing scent for bedtime after a long day of adventuring.


Lush Shampoo Bars -Leave your shampoo and conditioner bottles at home and try hair bars. Less weight + less plastic = happy traveler & happy planet. Lush has a shampoo bar for every hair type. Added plus, they smell great, a much-needed olfactory delight.

Wander Wisely,


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