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Fire Smoked Bacon




2 "Y" Shaped Sticks

1 Straight(ish) Stick

Pocket Knife




1.) Light a fire and let the fire burn down to a medium heat.

2.) Find two Y shaped sticks - Dig two small holes on either side of the campfire, far enough from the flames as to not catch. If necessary use rocks to ensure the Y sticks can stand on their own.

3.) Find one straight(ish) stick - Make sure this stick is strong enough to hold the bacon but thin enough to allow the bacon to cook. Delicately place your straight stick perpendicular between the two Y sticks.

4.) Hang the bacon over the middle stick and flip the bacon occasionally. Depending on your crispy preference index and your fire level, bacon can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour.

Fair warning for hungry cooks: As the decadent smell of bacon permeates the surrounding region you may become overpowered by a sudden desire to eat said bacon. Given the long lead time for fire smoked bacon, it is well within reason to throw a few strips of bacon in a cast iron skillet over the fire for a few minutes to tide you over while the rest of the bacon hangs over the fire.

Wander Wisely,


Photos by Sandy Arthur

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