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Field Paintings

There have been many changes to the way we explore from Shackleton's day to now, one this has stayed the same, explorers must document their journey's. One way I document my journeys is though field paintings. I am no artist but there is a certain magic to field painting that other forms of documentation do not exude.

What I appreciate most about field illustrations is the realness, there is no room for do over's, there is no photo-shop, every accidental brush stroke becomes part of the piece. Below are some of my recent field paintings... I make no attempt to paint exact depictions of what I experience in the field, but rather whimsical caricatures that exude the spirit of the subject in focus. Which in some cases leaves room for a bit of imagination...

Residents of Maewo Island, Republic of Vanuatu

"Close Encounters"

Inspired by a snake and emu encounter in Western Australia (I took some artistic liberties...)

Nudibranchs on the Muiron Islands - aka the most flamboyantly colored carnivorous sea slugs I've ever met...

Wander Wisely,


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