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Bahamas: Where Pigs Swim

Private islands with turquoise water and powdered sugar like sand seem exclusive to the playground of the rich and famous. However, the rich and famous are not the only ones enjoying the paradisiacal life on a private islands in the Bahamas, so are the pigs! On the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay of Exuma, feral pigs play in the sand, lay in the sun, swim in turquoise waters, and are fed leftovers of gourmet yacht chefs. The island is home to some 20 pigs, 3 freshwater springs, and a steady flow of yacht scraps.

It is unknown how the pigs originally came to live on the Cay but it is rumored that shipwrecked vessels carrying livestock from Europe may be the culprit. When approaching the island by boat the pigs bizarrely piggy paddle as a grunting flotilla to your vessel. The pigs will attempt to jump onboard your boat in search of food if the opportunity presents itself.

Over the years the pigs have developed a refined palate. Being that the pigs are fed first class food scraps from some of the worlds most luxurious yachts and gourmet chefs, the pigs scoffed at cantaloupe rind but devoured organic maple smoked bacon and caviar.

Happier than pigs in mud, the pigs permit tourists to frolic on their beach and bodysurf/piggy paddle with them to shore. This inadvertent tourism success that is Big Major Cay has spawned similar pig franchises throughout the Bahamas.

Wander Wisely,


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