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Sometimes even adventuresome women just want to feel clean and look good, which can be difficult to achieve when bathrooms are few and far between. Here are my favorite in the field lifesavers on my mission for clean happy skin (and to not scare away villagers…)


  1. Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Rose Water - When you need that extra boost of hydration and softness, Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water to the rescue. It doesn't hurt that it smells divine. You cannot go wrong with Herbivore Botanicals. They source all plant based, organic, and food based ingredients for their skin care line. The only downside is the glass bottle is a bit heavy for the more weight conscious expeditions.

  2. Juice Beauty Organic SPF 30 - Sunscreen, the most important beauty product you can buy, skin cancer sucks! I have extremely sensitive skin so find a non breakout inducing sunscreen can be a challenge. JuiceBeauty has done the trick - it hydrates, protects, and is made from organic ingredients. Sunscreen is great, but if you are partaking in some serious outdoor activity it is no substitute for surf leggings and rash guards!


  1. EiR NYC Deodorant - When I found out that regular deodorant makes you not sweat by clogging your pores with aluminum and contributes to breast cancer, I had a minor panic. After testing some of the best organic brands I have come to love EiR.. "More to love and less to smell." It smells great, has Eco friendly packing, and is made in good old NY. So much to love.

  2. JASON Towelettes - sometimes a wipe showers all you can manage.. They are non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable, compostable, and available at Target!

  3. Water - The most underestimated beauty product of them all… It is important to replenish water not only for bodily function but for glowing alive skin. Just drink more water, period. Having a water bottle (and filter, if necessary) with you at all times makes it easier.

  4. Bindya Sarong - The men on expeditions always laugh, but after being in leech proof pants, boots, and long shirts all day there is something wonderful about wrapping yourself in a Bindya scarf. Even if it is not possible to properly bathe I automatically feel cleaner… Not only are the Bindya scarves gorgeous, they last, mine has made it for three years of rugged adventuring.


  1. Lush Hair Bars - Ditch those shampoo and conditioner bottles and try hair bars. Less weight + less plastic = happy traveler & happy planet. Lush has a shampoo and conditioner bar for every hair type. Added plus, they smell great, a much needed olfactory delight from the stench of soggy gear.

Wander Wisely,


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