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Five separate strands of ostrich egg beads rolled together to form a single necklace. Cream and dark brown beads with loop and ostrich egg bead closure, 22 inches.


Ostrich eggshell jewelry, both historically and today, is made by the Ju’/hoansi San crafters of Namibia. Known as the San, this indigenous population is considered one of the oldest on the planet, and ostrich eggshell beads represent a 20,000-year-old tradition. 


The original hunter-gatherers of southern Africa shaped ostrich eggshell beads in the same way they are produced today. The firm, white shells of ostrich eggs are broken into tiny pieces, and each shard is shaped into a round bead using a metal tool. Artists bore holes into the beads by hand, and then the beads are threaded onto sinew or synthetic cord. Leather and stone are used to sand and smooth the beads, and one necklace can take up to a month to complete.

Ostrich Egg Necklace

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