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2 "Y" Shaped Sticks

1 Straight(ish) Stick

Pocket Knife




1.) Light a fire and let the fire burn down to a medium heat.

2.) Find two Y shaped sticks - Dig two small holes on either side of the campfire, far enough from the...

During the first few days in Finse Norway, visibility was limited, as a layer of snow blanketed all, leaving anything more than 10 feet in front of you a complete white-out.

Day two of white out wearing traditional Aumensen replica seal skins - Photo by Dave Hodge 


About two hours outside of Sydney at an undisclosed location lies a world of its own. Constantly moving with the winds and water, these 32 km's of sand dunes make up the longest stretch in the southern hemisphere. These truly awe-inspiring dunes reach heights of over 4...

La Réunion is one of the world's top canyoning destinations, thanks to its high rainfall and diverse terrain made up of waterfalls, mountains, and volcanic craters. The day started with a 40-minute hike into the canyon with outstanding panoramic vistas of Salazei C...

While Gobabis has globalized and is replete with highways, supermarkets, and even (relatively) high speed internet, for over a century the Herero women have fiercely protected their Victorian style.

It's a boy! I am thrilled to announce the arrival of Lord Laszlo the Landy (Australian slang for Land Cruiser). Laszlo was born in Japan back in February 2002, weighing a mere 2,000 kg's and measuring 5 meters long, but just arrived to his new single parent, Sofía. In...

It could be the start of a Nordic joke - a Floridian and four Malamutes venture onto a frozen lake…all jokes aside this is exactly what happened in February 2018. I joined a group of explorers in Norway, for the annual Expedition Finse, located in a small mountain vill...

There have been many changes to the way we explore from Shackleton's day to now, one this has stayed the same, explorers must document their journey's. One way I document my journeys is though field paintings. I am no artist but there is a certain magic to field painti...

In 2018, The Sofia Log will be sharing stories from upcoming expeditions including Reunion Island, Norway, Australia, West Africa, Vanuatu, and Madagascar.

When you imagine an underwater wonderland in the land downunder The Great Barrier Reef is probably what comes to mind… Well think again. On Australia’s lesser visited West Coast there lies a reef warranting even greater awe. Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth, Western Australia.


Private islands with turquoise water and powdered sugar like sand seem exclusive to the playground of the rich and famous. However, the rich and famous are not the only ones enjoying the paradisiacal life on a private islands in the Bahamas, so are the pigs! On the uni...

After a breakup that left me somewhat stranded in the Amazon I decided that learning desert survival, as opposed to retail therapy, was the best way to mend my broken heart...This brings us a remote Ju/’hoansi community (also known as !Kung or San Bushmen) in Namibia....

If the ocean could talk, would you hear its call? On World Oceans Day 2017, Sophie joined world leaders and representatives from business, academia, and NGOs at

Sophie travelled to the South Pacific archipelago and lived with the Ngowtari (female leaders) to study their unique powers, jurisdiction and ceremonies. She reflects on what we can learn from a matrilineal society.

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