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*Currently out of stock but can be purchased through special order* 


An unlikely accessory, pig tusk give a global flare to any outfit from a black tie gown to a jeans and a tee. The tusk hails from the Torres and Banks Islands in the Republic of Vanuatu - Sofia bartered for the sacred pig tusk in November 2017.



Two sacred pig tusks joined at center wrapped in natural twine. 4"W x 2.5"H


History of Pig Tusks in the Pacific: 

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in the Republic of Vanuatu, humans have a fascination with a specific swine. Drums announce it's presence...Dances celebrate it's glory....And special rocks honor it's memory....

While pigs are valued only for their bacon in some countries, the people of Vanuatu have venerated pigs for centuries. Sacred pigs are tokens of wealth, used in all rituals, and their tusks are used as traditional currency onmany islands. Traditional pig tusk currency is used for payments of land, school fees, bride price, other pigs, Etc. Tusked pigs are nurtured for 8 to 20 years to achieve  full circular tusks. 

Pig Tusk Necklace

  • Due to the nature of one-of-a-kind handmade items from the most remote reaches of the world, all sales are final. 

  • Orders typically ship within 1- 3 days. Unless otherwise indicated, all domestic orders ship USPS Priority Mail ($6.50) and will arrive within 1-3 days of the date of shipment. International orders ship USPS Priority International Mail and are expected to arrive 6-10 business day of the date of shipment, depending on customs and reglautions in delivery country. 

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