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There have been many changes to the way we explore from Shackleton's day to now, one this has stayed the same, explorers must document their journey's. One way I document my journeys is though field paintings. I am no artist but there is a certain magic to field painti...

Sophie travelled to the South Pacific archipelago and lived with the Ngowtari (female leaders) to study their unique powers, jurisdiction and ceremonies. She reflects on what we can learn from a matrilineal society.

WATER MUSIC  - Women stand waist deep in the Coral Sea while slapping and swirling the waters surface to create a rhythmic tapestry of aquatic percussion.

Observations of dance moves in the Republic of Vanuatu, South Pacific.

Women engage in the practice of water mu...

Growing up on the beach I learned to spell by practicing in the sand. My mama would say a word and I would use my finger to spell out the word in the sand...Little did I know, young girls in the South Pacific were learning their traditional stories in a similar manner…


It's here - after 1.5 years of preparation, the Female Chiefs of Maewo Expedition is really here! I am about to leave for the Republic of Vanuatu in the South West Pacific, to document a tribe of female chiefs hitherto be documented!  

I will represent WI...

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